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Question 1:

Are You a Man or a Woman?


...which is crazy because I usually never take online quizzes!

But for some reason I took this one...and for a woman who has struggled with her weight her whole life...this changed everything.

Let me backup a few steps…

I’m in my mid 40s now, and throughout my life I’ve just accepted my place as “okay looking”. I could get by with my personality…

...even though when I looked in the mirror every night, I felt a twinge of shame. I even tried to avoid ever seeing myself naked or in my underwear. It was almost like I was hiding from the sight of my own body.

See, it wasn’t just the way I was the fact that I blamed myself.

I thought it was my fault that I couldn’t shed the extra weight around my hips, thighs, and belly. 

I knew it wasn’t genetics because my parents and siblings are all naturally lean...which meant I felt cheated for being chubby.

On top of the shame I already felt...I would mentally beat myself up for being “too lazy” to work out or “not disciplined enough” to eat right.

Even though every single diet and workout plan FAILED to give me the results I wanted!

...and go straight to “waking up” that slow, sleeping metabolism!

Speaking of Exercise & Diet

I’ve tried them all. 

Boot camps, Keto, walking, jogging, gym memberships, protein shakes, at-home workouts, weight loss teas…

I tried it ALL and the best I could ever get was 5 pounds lost... after a MONTH of hard work... only to gain those 5 pounds back the INSTANT I stopped.

I began to feel like a hamster in a hamster wheel...which I guess is not that different from a treadmill

I had to run like heck just to get NOWHERE!

And no... despite what my athletic friends kept telling me…

I did NOT get “hooked” on exercise. In fact, the opposite happened. I would feel an even deeper pang of guilt every time I saw a gym because it would just remind me of my failures.


I listened to that voice deep inside of me that said “It’s not YOU failing -- it’s THEM failing YOU.”

Even when I’d come home red in the face and soaked with sweat, only to step on the scale and see a HIGHER NUMBER

And even though I tried my best to still be nice and polite to everyone else...the truth is I grew to resent those around me.

The skinnier, healthier, and happier they were...the more this dark little part of me wanted to see them fail.

And I got ESPECIALLY angry with all the “health and fitness influencers” showing off their perfect bodies and selling products THEY don’t even use.

Still... I knew that anger wasn’t healthy... so as a way to distract myself I’d just hop on Facebook.

Which brings me to how this weird quiz transformed my life…

I was hanging out with friends when the new girl in town (let’s call her Tammy) showed up. She was like a living Barbie doll - both because of her looks and her plastic personality.

I got FURIOUS as I saw all the women staring at her in envy and all the men staring at...well, I’ll let you guess. 

I thought, “Why does SHE deserve all this positive attention?!”

I needed a serious distraction... so I did the one thing I almost never do.

I clicked the link on Facebook to this weird little quiz.

Which led to my discovery of the TRUTH behind my stubborn extra weight, which THEN allowed me to FINALLY get my dream body!

This discovery was so powerful that it transformed my life -- not just my body.

After years of failed diets and private shame, I discovered it was NOT MY FAULT that I was overweight AND that there was a real, lasting solution that would even allow me to lose weight while sleeping!

Not to mention it takes only 10 seconds a day to use…

You see the real cause of weight gain and stalled results has nothing to do with:

  • Which workouts you choose...
  • How hard you workout...
  • How often or how long you workout...
  • ​How many calories you eat per day...
  • ​Sugar, carbohydrates, or fat...
  • ​Your thyroid, hormones, or stress level
  • ​Or even genetics and your age...

That’s what biased “health” companies and “experts” WANT you to believe. It turns out, as long as you feel ashamed of yourself and blame yourself...they get to charge you to “fix” you.


That’s why taking this little quiz transformed my body and my life

Trust me, I’m normally the last person who would take a quiz or questionnaire online, much less take it seriously.

But I’m grateful I did this time, because this was exactly what I needed.

Yes, it all started with one little quiz.

I know, I know. Most of these are a waste of time...but this one is not.

It’s designed to take your hand and guide you to the right weight loss solution FOR YOU.

Now it’s your turn.

So if you're ready to finally have the body you want...I recommend you click below so you can find the healthy, joy, and freedom and on the other side of self-blame...

...and go straight to “waking up” that slow, sleeping metabolism!

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